2008 has been an eventful year for the world economy. The U.S. financial markets have been severely marked by these events, but as far as the Mexican Caribbean is concerned, these negative changes are actually positive benefits for the foreign investor.

The instability of World Stock Exchanges has caused the disparity between the American and Mexican currencies to vary greatly in the last few months.  As it now stands, the Mexican Peso is at its all-time low, as compared to the Dollar.

This newly-created Bear Market is great for investment. Basically, since your money is now worth more when exchanged into Pesos, you get the obvious benefits. Getting more Pesos for your Dollar positively affects many aspects of your investment in the Mexican Caribbean.

As you may know already, land taxes on oceanfront lots on the beautiful shores of the Yucatan Peninsula were very low to begin with. Now, with the higher exchange rate, these low fees are even more appealing. Yearly land tax on an oceanfront lot in Sunset Shores, for example, would only set you back about $35 USD.

Another major cost saving with the new “stronger” Dollar has to do with the already-low cost of living in Mexico. As it is, daily living expenses in Mexico are a lot less than those in the U.S. or Canada (about 60% less). The new exchange rate means that you’ll be able to afford a lot more, including help around your new beachfront home.

In light of these events, there has never been a better time to start building your beachfront dream home. More Pesos for your Dollar means more home for your money.  Building costs are now lower than ever before. Because of the new exchange rate, you can now build the beach home you have always dreamt of with huge savings!

With all the changes in the world economy this year, now you can come out a winner. Wise investment decisions are made in this kind of market. If you invest now, the same beautiful Caribbean beach lot will be yours with all these great added advantages.

If you’ve been dreaming of owning a piece of Caribbean Paradise, let the devalued Mexican Peso help you. Take advantage of these great cost savings and have a very Merry Beach-Owner Christmas.

Art Podolski